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Fall Wardrobe Shopping

Let’s talk fall wardrobe shopping! We have a love/hate relationship with it. We LOVE the shopping part! Perusing the aisles and seeing all the pretty colors and patterns with a Starbucks in hand. Deciding how many and which ones to bring home. We HATE the trying on part and the making an outfit part and … Find Out More

Market Day in Atlanta (Part 2) | Shop ‘til You Drop. Then Shop a Little More.

Market Day is our big event twice each year for meeting new vendors and building relationships with them. We also shop a lot. We shop for you, we shop for us, eventually we go into some kind of exhaustion induced trance and we shop in our sleep. When we get home, we are surprised by … Find Out More

Market Day in Atlanta (Part 1) | 427,000 miles of fun with FancyBelles

Maybe 427,000 miles is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. The Fancy Belles look forward to Market Day twice each year because it allows us to find the best products for our customers. There is so much neat stuff to choose from and we know that you will love what we have for you. We … Find Out More

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Home School Mommas Don’t Have to Buy Backpacks

Living Back to School Vicariously through you… We are both home school moms. Home schooling has its challenges as we manage FancyBelles too. We make the rounds to dance recitals, field trips, and other learning opportunities. Then, we work hard to bring products to y’all that hopefully make your lives more preppy and fun. What … Find Out More

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It’s for the Bride | 10 Gifts Just for Her

The perfect gift for the girl that gets to be the bride. This is a tough target to hit no matter who the bride may be. Sister, friend, cousin, or sister from another mother … The perfect gift at this perfect moment is hard to choose for anyone. Maybe you are the bride and you … Find Out More

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Putting Our Mark on the World

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, y’all. You have got to promise not to make fun of me. But when I was little, I thought everyone was spelling their names wrong on their towels. The letter for the last name was in middle! They had their initials out of order. But my mother … Find Out More