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Fall Wardrobe Shopping

Let’s talk fall wardrobe shopping! We have a love/hate relationship with it. We LOVE the shopping part! Perusing the aisles and seeing all the pretty colors and patterns with a Starbucks in hand. Deciding how many and which ones to bring home. We HATE the trying on part and the making an outfit part and the paying for it part! On our quest for versatile wardrobe pieces we have fallen completely in love with the blanket scarf ! This piece adds color and flair and style in the most simplistic way. It is a bit daunting when you see the size of it and can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to wear it. We tried to figure it out on our own. (I’ll spare you the details of what went down, but know there were a LOT of laughs in our shop that day) So  we did what any self respected Southern gal would do to solve a problem. We consulted our BFF Google! We came across this blog  on Gurl and it revolutionized our world! The only thing we would add is a monogram, of course, and a fabulous bag! Oh, and a pair boots! Don’t worry, we’ve gotcha covered on all those things too 😉

Market Day in Atlanta (Part 2) | Shop ‘til You Drop. Then Shop a Little More.

Market Day is our big event twice each year for meeting new vendors and building relationships with them. We also shop a lot. We shop for you, we shop for us, eventually we go into some kind of exhaustion induced trance and we shop in our sleep. When we get home, we are surprised by some of the things we bought for ourselves, but FancyBelles always picks up great new things for you. We spent a lot!


We meet such awesome people that offer so many creative things. They are great people and great designers. One new friend gave us beautiful pineapple earrings. That is a great way to make friends. We also got all kinds of koozies. That doesn’t hurt new friendships either, I suppose.


We are particularly proud of all the great stuff we got from Prep Obsessed. All the things we were able to pick out really fall right into the tastes of those that shop FancyBelles. We are proud of the quality and creativity of what we are going to be able to offer from this trip. So much great stuff!


We found so many great bags we can hardly stand it. And boots! Did we mention the boots? We feel like we did a great job of adding to the cute and preppy things we have to offer with FancyBelles.


The last day of the event is Cash and Carry day. This is the day that we all get to buy anything we want for ourselves personally. By the time we have picked out everything that we know you will love, we definitely have our eyes on many things we want too. It is our reward to ourselves on the last day for getting all the deals we needed to for the trip. It is an excellent motivator for us to be sure we have done all that we need to for you.


We are so exhausted by the time Cash and Carry day comes along. This is when the trance comes over us and we buy in our exhaustion. Sometimes as we are unpacking, we surprise ourselves with some of the things we picked up during Cash and Carry. It is a nice bonus for going though. For myself, a pair of Tiffany sunglasses was my huge splurge. We also got costume jewelry and clothes that we adore.

It was a good Market Day for us and FancyBelles. We earned our reward this time by picking up some great deals for you. It’s going to be another great year and we are proud of what you’ll get to choose from now.

Market Day in Atlanta (Part 1) | 427,000 miles of fun with FancyBelles

Maybe 427,000 miles is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. The Fancy Belles look forward to Market Day twice each year because it allows us to find the best products for our customers. There is so much neat stuff to choose from and we know that you will love what we have for you. We stayed at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel and enjoyed the accommodations very much.


We enjoy the whole experience too and like to bring the fun with us even though we are working. We try to make the most of this time on our own as Southern ladies without our children. Of course, we missed our children terribly, but we made the best of our time anyway.

We ate at the PittyPat’s Porch and it was really amazing. Terrance was our waiter and he adored us. Of course, he did. What’s not to love?! We got fried green tomatoes for free. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. We both had fried chicken and it was so much that we couldn’t possibly finish it all. We decided we were going to save the rest for breakfast. Yes, I said breakfast. We were on our own and really wanted to live it up … but we missed our children terribly, of course. Anyway, our very good friend Terrance comes back with a to-go box. We said, “You know what would go great with a fried chicken breakfast, Terrance?” And he said, “Hold on. I’ll be right back.” He brought us a whole box of muffins. When you are close like Terrance and the Fancy Belles are, you just know these things about each other. He was our buddy. We went back there again for a free desert.

pittypats porch

They also had an amazing salad bar at PittyPat’s Porch. We tried pickled watermelon rinds which we decided were not for us. At JP Atlanta we also gave smoked trout a try and didn’t care for it. This was about moving out of our comfort zone, but those two things will not be coming back into the comfort zone with us. The smoked trout was not our favorite, but the rest of the cheese board at JP Atlanta was great. It’s cheese! What else is there to say? Also, JP Atlanta had the best hamburger. I feel very good recommending this burger to you because I care about you and your happiness.

Jp Atlanta Burger

We went to the Sundial. It was a great restaurant, with great music, and an amazing view. I will say one of the Fancy Belles did not care for the heights. We made it out alive though because we are tough like that.

We walked a lot. I believe it was 427,000 steps. That might be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Our feet and backs hurt by the time it was all over. The bed was amazing though. We are lucky we woke up at all. How do you know when it is time to get up if there aren’t any children or pets around? We missed them all terribly, of course.

We got lost a lot. Like 427,000 times. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still. I don’t know exactly how we managed to do it, but we seemed to take a different way every time we went somewhere. We got to use a VIP entrance once. I guess we were important people that once. We got in trouble with security in a parking lot we apparently weren’t supposed to be in. A security guard told us to slow our roll. He clearly did not love us as much as Terrance did which surprises me because what’s not to love?! There was a lot of glistening going on in the Atlanta heat and humidity. The beds were wonderful though. Did we mention the beds?

The whole event from the business to the pleasure was so much fun. There was always a party on the 17th floor. There was a lot to drink, but we did not partake this time. People dressed as Elvis were walking around. We didn’t buy from the 17th floor, but we went for the party. It was an odd place, but fun.

Believe it or not we did find time to shop for you too. We found lots of cool items that we’ll show you in the next post about Market Day! Thanks for joining us for this adventure and I hope you had fun reading about it. We want to bring you along on our journey whenever we can.