Home School Mommas Don’t Have to Buy Backpacks

Living Back to School Vicariously through you…

We are both home school moms. Home schooling has its challenges as we manage FancyBelles too. We make the rounds to dance recitals, field trips, and other learning opportunities. Then, we work hard to bring products to y’all that hopefully make your lives more preppy and fun.

Back to School Backpack BannerWhat we don’t miss about watching traditional school seasons from the outside is the Back to School rush. Well, let me rephrase that. We do kinda like watching y’all rush around to try to get everything off the list. This teacher only wants a certain kind of glue or only the most deadly of compasses will do. Every school suddenly wants every kid to have twenty-seven composition notebooks in five different colors, but they forget to tell the stores to stock up. Then, composition notebooks can be scalped on the street like Beyonce’ tickets. We want crayons, but only this particular kind and this year we want them washable and only in triangles. What?!

Backpacks are my favorite. You’re lucky if you can find one that lasts until Christmas. If you don’t get to the store early enough, your kid has to choose between throw-up colors or a cartoon character that was popular three years ago on their back. What a freaking nightmare?!

When we’re done laughing at your pain, we try to help. We offer some great backpacks in colors and styles for boys and girls…some of them even have a matching lunch box! When the rush is on, the best shopping is done from your living room.

Instead of some sketchy cartoon franchise cramping your kid’s style, can we interest you in a classy monogram? Is it really yours until you monogram it? We don’t think so!

Maybe you get some kind of thrill from entering the crowded arena of your local Walmart and fighting for the best backpack or the last composition notebook like you’re in the Hunger Games. They’re all over me. Someone grab me a compass! Are those triangle crayons? Washable?! I’m going for them. May the odds be always in your favor!

Before you do all that, get your backpacks early. We can help with those at least. You know you’ll need them, so you can order those now and it will be one less thing to worry about. Something Nice. Something Durable. Classy and Stylish. Let us help you get that item off your list and feel good about what you picked.

? and Hugs,
The Fancy Belles

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