Putting Our Mark on the World

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, y’all. You have got to promise not to make fun of me. But when I was little, I thought everyone was spelling their names wrong on their towels. The letter for the last name was in middle! They had their initials out of order.

But my mother taught me to be polite. The towels were already monogrammed. I didn’t want to embarrass anyone by telling them they had been printed wrong! I just dried my hands, shook my head, and got out of there.

I was glad to find out I wasn’t the only one that thought that was unusual. Why do we monogram that way sometimes, but not other times?! There is actually a method to our madness, so stick with me and let me explain.

Monogramming is a way to define ourselves. We are laying down roots in our home and in our family. It is a way of declaring that we are not just passing through. It tells everyone in the house who we are and why we belong. When we give the gift of a bag or towel or anything with a monogram, we are telling the people we care about that we know who they are, that they matter to us, and they belong.

“Monogramming is a way to define ourselves.
We are laying down roots …”

There are traditional monogramming styles that communicate certain ideals. There are modern, sleek options that show progress and a modern touch. They all have their place and purpose.

The traditional monogram for women, and especially with married women, is that large initial in the middle that threw me for a loop when I was little. (Don’t forget you promised not to make fun of me!) The last name goes in the center in larger type with the first initial to the left and the middle initial to the right. This is good for calling back to traditional values. It reminds people of establishing a home and a family. There are variations that can be used for combining or hyphenating last names too.

“It says that we belong.”

The traditional monogram for men is all three letters the same size running from left to right in order. This can be used for a gift for anyone to create a sleek and modern look too. There is something crisp and clean about this style that goes well with a lot of different decorating styles in a home.

You always have the option of going with the single initial too. There is something bold about the single letter on its own. This option works for gifts with either a traditional or modern feel. You really can’t go wrong with the single initial.

“Give the feel of being combined
or creating a new identity together.”

A creative way to create a monogrammed gift that communicates starting a life together is the plus sign between the two initials – one for each person. Or you can do one initial over the top of the other with a line between like a fraction. Both styles give the feel of being combined or creating a new identity together.

Monograms are meant to identify us and allow us to put our mark on the world. There are many options, but every one carries the message that we care and we belong.

? & Hugs,
The Fancy Belles

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